The EEO Program Delivers Results

The Energy & Environmental Optimization Program gives you the knowledge and skills to reframe your energy project for faster growth. Customers have different objectives than just a few years ago, and EEO delivers real-world solutions aligned with what your customers need. The intensive three-day training course teaches participants how to identify opportunities for “green” projects, assess and prioritize each phase of the project and then deliver a compelling project plan that is realistic and actionable.

Energy efficiency projects that drag on for years, projects with too many moving parts that just never come together, projects over budget with a weak financial story. There are a lot of companies and consultants that talk about “sustainability” and “efficiency” but only the EEO Program teaches professionals how to define and deliver projects that work – and that customers will buy.

Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it…there are many examples from current EEO Certified Professionals of how the EEO Program has delivered results. Numerous elements from EEO Training and the EEO Toolset are being applied by our partners with specific positive comments coming back from their customers. Examples include the use of a concise proposal document, tips and tools for better qualifying, simple savings estimators with detailed backup, a shift in perspective for selling, financial modeling that makes sense, and many more. Browse the comments and case studies and you’ll agree there are elements in the EEO Program that will bring results for anyone!

Dealer Locator

If you own or operate a facility and are looking for ways to improve comfort, energy efficiency, your facilities image or all three,  an EEO Certified Professional will get you a cost-effective solution that is developed to fit what you need. Simply enter your State/Province or postal code into the Dealer Locator to find someone ready to listen and deliver.

Dealer Locator