The EEO Program included training for the EEO Toolset and the widely-acclaimed 3-day in-classroom course:


EEO Toolset Training Guide (pdf, mandatory for certification)

Energy Sales Training (in-classroom, mandatory) 3-day session

Central to the program and a requirement for EEO Certification is the intensive in-classroom EEO Energy Sales Training course. This 3-day session readies participants for real-world selling of energy efficiency projects.


  • Day 1 with Mark Jewell, world-renowned energy expert and president of eefg
  • Days 2 and 3 include an intensive role-play exercise where participants work through all phases of the EEO Lifecycle, to reinforce EEO Principles and solidify an understanding of how to develop and sell a compelling energy efficiency project.
  • Day 3 ends with the administration of the EEO Certification Exam, a comprehensive validation of the EEO Certified professional

The course covers everything one should know to effectively develop an energy project that is compelling and appropriate, such as:

  • Executive selling skills
  • Financial modeling that makes sense
  • Utility rebates and incentives
  • Self-assessment as a first step
  • How to qualify and re-qualify throughout the process
  • Effective proposal-writing; shorter is better
  • Reframing the conversation to align with customers’ needs
  • What it takes to become a Trusted Advisor
  • Implementation and management to add long-term value