Certification Sets You Apart

The EEO Program consists of the following components:

  • Three-day Energy Sales Classroom Training

  • The EEO Toolset

  • EEO Digest, providing periodic articles, blog posts and tips

  • Periodic subject-specific and skills enhancing webinars with open discussions
Program Details


At this time, the EEO Program is directed at Honeywell Authorized System Distributors, ACI and BCS contractors who are active WEBs systems integrators, as well as Alerton dealers. In order to become EEO Certified an individual must complete the EEO Toolset eLearning course, attend in-classroom EEO Energy Sales Training and pass the EEO Program Certification Exam.


Ready to sign up for classroom training? Simply use any of the “Register Now” buttons on this site to get started.


Great News!!! For 2017, the signup fee for the EEO Program in the USA and Canada has been reduced to US$1250 for anyone eligible. The signup fee includes:

  • The three-day Energy Sales Training
  • User access to EEO Toolset software and updates
  • User access to webinars and the EEO Digest
  • User access to other energy efficiency resources after login to this site

One of the requirements for EEO Program Certification is completion of the classroom EEO Energy Sales Training course at the earliest available session. Program membership is then renewed annually for US$1000 per company, by March 31 of every year.